Disposing of Waste Properly

by / Thursday, 15 August 2019 /
Post Image But first things first, reduce waste. By simply repacking food into reusable containers can reduce potential trash. You can also reduce plastic waste by using your own reusable water bottles. Take small steps and you will be surprised what you can contribute to reducing the amount of waste to be disposed of.

TMD Environmental Services takes care of garbage removal from individual homes daily. Please get your household waste bin ready for pick up at the assigned time. Please provide a bin used for daily household waste.

TMD also takes charge in disposing cuttings from trees, plants and any garden waste. There is a communal rubbish collection point for this in the residential cluster. Please dispose of your garden waste at the assigned location which will be collected 2x a week.

In case you have a large amount of garden waste that you would like to be collected, please contact TMD to arrange for pick up. This also applies when you have household appliances that you no longer use. TMD can also arrange to pick up your used furniture, used electronic equipment such as old television sets and refrigerators to be disposed of. Help is on the way. Simply contact TMD’s Call Center at (021) 55 777 557 if you need assistance to remove more than the usual household trash. You will be charged for this.

If you are building your home or doing some renovation and upgrades to your home, please ask your contractor to remove the construction waste daily and dispose of it outside of Lippo Village. This will ensure that your surroundings are safe from any type of hazards such as the possibility of fire or damaging other properties when pieces of wood or debris may be blown away by a strong wind.

Keep the area around your house spruced up and encourage others to do the same. Try to segregate waste. Avoid stacking your waste at home to prevent health risks and prevent a breeding ground for insects, bacteria or viruses. Make sure the waste go to the right place, right bin and communal drop off points.

Here’s why disposing of waste properly is so important. Among others, here are some reasons to consider:
• Improves sanitation and health conditions in the residential areas and entire town.
• Protects our water sources.
• Encourages others to reuse, reduce and recycle
• Prevents habituation of pests.

Maintaining a clean environment is a shared responsibility. Your support and cooperation in TMD’s green and clean program will go a long way to a more livable and sustainable Lippo Village for years to come.

Small steps makes a great impact. Let’s do it together!