Message from Town Management

by / Monday, 15 July 2019 /
Post Image Hello July!

As we reflect this last half year 2019, we know that we could not have reached our goals in providing you a clean and safe environment if not for your full support and trust in us. Thank you to all our residents living in our homes, working in our offices, shops, hospitals, hotels and leisure places, studying in our university and schools and playing in our fields and golf courses, whose combined commitment in making Lippo Village an exceptional ‘place of pride’ has been outstanding.

Let us continue with our work to make our town cleaner, safer and better.

In this issue, we focus on Traffic Control and Management. We are seeing an increasing influx of vehicles passing through our town and causing congestion during peak hours at our main boulevards. Drop off and Pick Up zones are being realigned to prevent traffic build up on these major roads. Please read our special feature on keeping traffic calm and orderly.

The current dry weather conditions also pose a challenge. Please help us to manage the fire risks by not lighting open fires and avoid discarding cigarette butts, a major reason for a fire to happen. Immediately report if you see any fire hazards and fire incidents to our Emergency Response Team (Call 0800 1900 911) and Security officer on site.

Keep your pets and your neighbours happy! Read our feature on Animal and Pest Control and we will have a cleaner and safer place to live.

We hope our tips on greening during the hot season helps you stay safe outdoors despite rising temperatures and lastly, Pledge to keep the Green Promise!

Happy reading!