An Environmentally Sustainable Wastewater Process

by / Monday, 15 July 2019 /
Post Image Lippo Village is committed to implementing a sustainable and environmentally friendly water cycle. It benefits everyone!

One of the efforts made is by processing wastewater effectively. By operating a sewage treatment plant (STP), Lippo Village processes the wastewater to prevent environmental pollution especially in water sources.

The main pollutants concentration in the wastewater to STP also needs to be monitored to prevent the system from experiencing shock loading. The initial design of the STP was intended to treat domestic waste with simple and non-fluctuating pollutant characteristics. If there is a drastic increase in organic pollutants and influent microorganisms, the treatment process will have failed potential to reach the standard quality required.

Therefore, in the near future, Lippo Village will issue regulations on waste water disposal. We urge every customer to be able to do a pre-treatment process if needed, to maintain the performance of the STP and the environment around us. 

Water is a vital resource in human life. Together we need to maintain its condition. Lippo Village is aware of this and is committed to implementing an environmentally friendly and sustainable water business. One of them is to ensure that the waste treatment process could run well to prevent contamination of water due to improper treated waste. 

You can help. Do not put pollutants in our water system. 

Water is Life and Clean Water means Health!