The Green Way

by / Monday, 15 July 2019 /
Post Image Feeling the hot temperatures lately? Yes, the weather has been extremely hot! You probably just want to say indoors and in the cool spaces of our homes. Don’t let the hot weather make you miss your gardening activities!

Gardening reduces stress from daily work routine and you will agree that planting and ‘greening’ your environment helps our world to be a better place. Plants can reduce the adverse effects of industrial pollution. However, there are a couple of things that need to be considered before starting, as without care, gardening can significantly damage the ecosystem and the environment. 
Start by:
• Avoiding using the water hose. Watering the garden with a hose is practical, but control over the water is lessened. Plants can also be damaged when they receive excess water. Use a bucket so the watering is carefully measured.
• Choose the time to watering where water can be easily absorbed by the root. Avoid watering during the day due to the evaporation. Best to water in the late afternoon or early morning.
• Do not mow the lawn too often. Let the garden lawn grow slightly longer. The water consumed would be less.
• Choose organic fertilizers and pesticides that are environmentally friendly. When chemical fertilizers are collected in the ocean, they affect the balance of the life cycle.
• Do not resent wild flowers. They make a great addition to your garden with their colourful blooms and help increase the plant diversity in your environment. Arrange your garden by creating many natural elements such as laying bird nests, making a pond with natural stones and planting local trees.
• Grow anti-disease and anti-pest plants and flowers, for example zodiac or lemongrass, which are believed to repel insects.
• Avoid burning trash. Burning the garden rubbish can contribute to higher levels of carbon dioxide, which interferes with the cleanliness of the air and even affects the climate change. Throw your garden rubbish to the communal waste bin at your nearest area. If it’s too much you can contact TMD to get assistance. Please do not place your garden rubbish at the road median, we will not collect it from there. TMD will collect garden rubbish from communal waste bin twice a week, so please make sure your garden rubbish is put inside it.

Go the Green Way and help your environment stay green!