Reduce your Speed

by / Monday, 15 July 2019 /
Post Image The maximum speed limit whilst driving in residential area is 10-15 kph. This is for your family safety and your neighbours.
Take extra care and reduce your speed up to the allowed speed limit. 

Check your vehicles, especially your speedometer, use your safety belt and when riding a motorcycle, use a helmet always. Keep your neighbourhood quiet and always use a standard muffler to avoid causing a noise disturbance.

How do you prevent speeding? Some might say, speed humps. But did you know that speed humps are not good for your vehicles? If every driver simply obeys and follows the speed limit regulations, it will not necessary to build more speed humps. Accident numbers in residential area can be eliminated with responsible driving. Remember that speeding is dangerous for your and other’s safety.

Orderly parking is also necessary. This is to avoid any traffic obstruction for people who use the road in front of your house, or even public road.

Your cooperation is needed to bring a pleasant and safe environment to all!