Give Blood. Spread Love.

by / Saturday, 15 June 2019 /
Post Image More than 100 participants including residents and staff of Lippo Village came to Maxx Corner at Lippo Village’s Fairview House to spread love and save lives by donating more than 80 bags of blood.

The blood you donate gives someone another chance of life, this was the theme of blood donation which started at 10 AM up to 2 PM on Monday, 27 May, 2019. Initiated by the Fairview House Management who worked together with Indonesian Red Cross, it was another way of showing love and care for our community.

Everyone can be a blood donor, as long as he or she meets the following criteria :
• Aged between 17-65 years
• In good Health
• Weight minimum 45 kg
• Systole 100-170
• Diastole 70-100
• Hemoglobin minimum 12.5-17.o g/ dl

There are times when some people are unsure to donate blood, for various reasons such as fear of needles and have limited knowledge how this simple act of love and care can positively impact or save someone’s life.

When a person donates blood, here are important reasons you should know:
• Your blood donation can save about 3 lives.
• You can help accident victims who usually lose a lot of blood, or other patients who need more blood transfusion.
• It can help you reduce the risk of heart disease.
• Donating blood once in a while is good for your blood circulation.
• It can reduce the risk of cancer.
• It will help produce new red blood cells which is important for your body.

14 June 2019 was celebrated as World Blood Donation Day. Learn more about being a blood donor. It is safe and has good health benefits.

Watch out for the next Blood Donation Day!