In Search of new Household Staff

by / Saturday, 15 June 2019 /
Post Image When looking for new household staff, please take special attention when you recruit someone who will be living in your home, caring for your family, children or the elderly members of your home as well as those who are in charge of the gardening or driving you to and from work. Your household staff have an important role in taking out the worries of daily household chores from you so that you can have a lot of your precious time for your work, business or for the family. 

Be selective and be observant.

Here are some recommendations for you to consider when hiring a new member of your household staff :
• For recruitment, go through a trusted agency. Make sure they have a clear identity acquaintance or relative that can be contacted if anything happens.
• Go through the auxiliary neighbours, relatives or acquaintances. Check if they have friends or relatives who want to work. Ask for recommendation of good people. If you or your spouse has a home town, ask residents or family members, if there are people who are qualified and known to them. People who come from an environment known to family and home are usually the best.
• Before they start work, always ask for their identity data and take their photograph.

Similarly if you want to renovate or build a new house, find a trusted contractor and check their identity before hiring construction workers.

Know who you can trust with your home and household!