Keep Strays Away

by / Saturday, 15 June 2019 /
Post Image Despite efforts to reduce the incidence of stray cats or dogs in the residential areas, TMD has been notified that stray cats and dogs have risen. Stray animals may carry diseases and affect your own pets and we must be vigilant in keeping our environment clean and healthy. Last month alone, 50 stray cats were found and catch in Lippo Village. We need to remove anything in our surroundings that may attract these strays to come such as exposed rubbish containing food scraps.

Help and support our endeavors to keep strays away for a clean and healthy environment.

Here are some guidelines to follow:

1) Keep your garbage bins clean and odorless. Bins that are left open or damaged with cracks will attract pests such as flies, mice and even cats trying to find food. Please teach your household staff to keep the bins in good condition and how to use it properly:

• Wash and clean the bin after it has been emptied by garbage collectors.
• Always keep the bin in dry condition, by putting the household waste tightly tied in plastic bags and keep the lid closed at all times. Don’t hang it on the trees!
• Put out the bin with the written address in the front area of the house after 7 pm before collection time the next day. Do not leave bins in your front yard after trash has been collected. Put it away at the side of your home and only put the bin out for scheduled garbage collection.
• Replace the damaged bin with the same type and color according to TMD’s standard bin. Please contact TMD at (021) 55 777 557 for information on bin replacement and applicable charges.

2) Do not leave any excess food outside or provide meals intentionally for stray cats. This will attract many more to come. We know that some residents are animal lovers and feel sorry for stray animals, but their existence in the residential area can cause several problems such as unclean feces in public places or even in your neighbor’s yard. In addition, food scraps left outside will attract flies and spread diseases. TMD encourages all cat and dog owners to give a collar for their pets and keep them safely within your own property boundaries. If your pets not wearing a collar and roaming around, TMD will assumed that it’s a stray animal and will caught it.

Be a responsible neighbor and keep your environment clean and healthy at all times!