Building a New Home or Renovating

by / Saturday, 15 June 2019 /
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Constructing a new home or renovating an existing house is a normal occurrence in a residential area. Every house owner has the right to build or upgrade and make improvements to their homes. For the convenience of all residents and to maintain harmony in the neighbourhood, Building Rules and Regulations for the orderly development in Lippo Village has been long established by TMD and carried out by its Building Control Division (BCD). 
Naturally, preparing to build a new house or even to renovate an existing home is an exciting time for a homeowner and whilst this should be a happy endeavour, it can be exhausting or tiring at times. As work progresses, building owners are required to maintain the cleanliness of its surroundings for the comfort of everyone who lives nearby.

Here are the basic guidelines to follow when building or renovating your home in Lippo Village :
1) Do not mix cement on the road side or on the street. If you were to mix cement in your premises or driveway, protect it with a plywood board base.
2) Place all project materials inside a container within the owner’s lot, not on the road side, on the street nor the green area/ verges. Build a green fence around the project area if it is a new build.
3) Remaining debris or materials should be placed in a container or in a sack, and brought out of Lippo Village. If you need help to remove the debris, please contact Call Center at (021) 55 777 557 and ask for assistance from the TMD Environment Services and they can arrange for the debris removal at a reasonable price.
4) Please follow the working hours for the project workers which is from Monday to Saturday, starting from 8AM to 5PM only. Work on Sunday and public holidays are not permitted. No one can stay overnight at the project area.

Construction activities can be messy but this should not be the case if you follow the guidelines. Please make sure that you have planned your home building or improvements properly and conform to TMD rules and regulations, so you can finish your project at ease and, at the same time, keep our living environment clean, neat, healthy and comfortable.