Message from Town Management

by / Saturday, 15 June 2019 /
Post Image We wish residents our best wishes for Eid Al Fitr 1440 H. May Allah bring you and your family joy, happiness and peace during this happy occasion.

It is amazing how time has gone by and we have six months to go to complete our aspirations for 2019! Perhaps the reason in part how fast time goes is that TMD has been working non-stop to deliver the best service to our residents. You would have noticed some changes in better landscaping practices, public lighting and road improvements and the many ways we use technology to reach out to you, respond to your concerns and resolve any issues raised to make sure you continue to live comfortably and peacefully in Lippo Village.

The main push for the remainder of 2019 is centered on our Green Initiatives. Let us Go Paperless! We will be moving away from using printed fliers to send out information or TMD announcements. However, we will stay connected with you via mobile apps, website, email, WhatsApp and other social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

Your support for the success of this green initiative is important. We urge your cooperation to send us your updated contact details, email address, mobile number and WhatsApp Number so you can receive information faster.

This June edition also highlights the necessity to keep your neighbourhood clean and healthy. Please read on our articles on how to Keep Strays Away and Snake Awareness by doing simple acts of cleanliness in your surroundings.

Our feature on Investing in Water offers insights on the Lippo Village Water System Improvement Program and the future of our water supply. We value the work that is being done by our Water Sanitation Department to ensure that there is a consistent quality and supply of water to meet the rising demands of our residents.

We also take this opportunity to thank all our partners for a meaningful and blessed time during the Ramadan month.

Enjoy this edition of LV Life!