Check Before You Buy

by / Wednesday, 15 May 2019 /
Post Image Buying a secondary house can be a good alternative, as most of the secondary houses are located in areas with more developed, more accessible and with better facilities such as a nearby market, business centres and schools with good infrastructures. With such development, land prices are stable. Another advantage would be the price range of a secondary house which can be lower than a new house perhaps because of the condition and age, needing a fix up that sellers can lower the price to attract a buyer faster.

Before you choose your dream house, check important legal aspects before making that big decision. Of course, you would need to make sure all the legal ownership documents are in order, such as :

• Possess a Building Permit (IMB)
• The IMB states the actual property condition
• The existing building is still within the Government’s and Developer’s standards and guidelines, such as Building Base Coefficient (KDB), Building Setbacks (GSB), Building Height, among others.

Another important thing, you would have to check for any outstanding bills such as electrical, telephone, IPKL (Iuran Pengelolaan dan Keamanan Lingkungan) Fees and water charges, land and building tax (PBB), or any other obligations owing to TMD. Please make sure also for the ownership status of property, either Freehold Title or Building Rights Title which should be renewed regularly by the property owner.

If you are still doubtful, it is best to seek the assistance from those who understand the building and land regulations and standards to avoid problems in the future.