Keep birds or fowls as pets

by / Monday, 15 April 2019 /
Post Image Keeping large numbers of birds, chicken or other poultry in residential areas can be a public nuisance. While some may not mind the sounds from these fowls or birds, it can be annoying to some neighbours. Not only that, the smell of fowl manure pollutes the air and if these fowls or birds are not properly looked after, it can be cause of serious illness.

One of the diseases that is transmitted through poultry is the avian flu virus. It can affect not only birds or chicken, but also humans. Therefore it is necessary to be very careful to take care of your poultry. Do not let your poultry or chickens harm the surrounding environment.

Those who keep a lot of poultry, birds and chicken for a hobby must understand the rules on how to keep them. TMD urges residents who keep poultry, birds or chicken for the following :

• Prevent poultry manure and waste from polluting the environment.
• Do not keep a large number of poultry for breeding. Say NO to neighbours raising fowls in your neighbourhood.
• Birds, chickens and any other poultry should not be roaming around and must be kept inside the area. Say NO to keeping birds in a cage. Set them free. If you must keep them in a cage as pets, be a responsible pet owner and do regular checks on their health.

Be considerate of your neighbours. Learn the do’s and don’ts in keeping your bids, poultry and chickens to prevent any environmental hazards and do not let them be a nuisance to your neighbours.