Reduce Your Speed Now

by / Monday, 15 April 2019 /
Post Image Traffic accidents in Lippo Village has risen to an alarming rate.

In January 2019 until end of March 2019 alone, there were 30 traffic accidents recorded with the highest number being single car accidents totaling an alarming number of 15 accidents. The remaining were 9 car accidents with motorcycles, 3 single motorbike accidents and 3 car collisions.

Even though the maximum speed limit for driving in Lippo Village is 50kph on the main road and 10kph in a residential area, there are still many drivers who violate and drive their vehicles above the speed limit. Smooth roads without obstacles sometimes cause drivers to be unaware and accidentally drive their vehicles beyond the maximum allowed speed limit. Rarely is the reason for a single car accident caused by a poor car condition, but because of the driver's negligence, including drowsiness when driving or driving the vehicle too fast, resulting in loss of control.

If any accident happens and cause damage to Lippo Village assets, including CCTV equipment, PJU/lamp posts, landscape or trees in the public area including median and sidewalks, TMD will charge a replacement fee for the damaged assets in accordance with the applicable tariff. Lippo Village is a CCTV controlled area and in the event of an accident causing damage to TMD assets, TMD reseves the right to submit CCTV footage for evidenciary purposes to the authorities.

Please remind your driver of the speed limits in Lippo Village and drive with care. Residents are responsible for their drivers and we urge you to please remind your driver to strictly observe traffic rules and comply with security directives.

Drive with care at all times. Reduce your speed.
Prevent an accident from happening!