Clogged No More

by / Monday, 15 April 2019 /
Post Image Have you experienced major clogs in your kitchen drains?

Did you know 50% of cases cause sewerage damage or blockage due to a build-up of fat kitchen drains and, most times, this recurs over and over in households with high fat consumption or shop houses that are used for restaurants that do not use an adequate grease trap system.

The accumulated fat in the pipes will harden and form solids like a coral. High temperatures will only change the solid form into liquid, but will turn solid again. The use of chemicals to solve this problem can also damage the material through the pipeline. This is not a good solution. Only enzymes from bacteria that can break down fat to simpler chemical structures may be possible but the process requires a fairly long decomposition time.

Because of the difficult process of decomposition of fat, several repetition processes must be carried out in the wastewater treatment plant to let the fat decompose completely and not become as a source of disease for humans and keep the sanitation environmental infrastructure in shape.

Responsible restaurants owners see the benefits of installing an adequate grease trap system. Do not let the blockage cause wastewater to spill or flood your home or restaurant, or even to cause pollution in the surrounding environment.

If you do any major installations or building renovation, both structural and non-structural, make sure to submit an application to TMD and if you are representing the owner, do not forget to bring a power of attorney letter from the owner for TMD to process the application, if a contractor will take charge of the renovation.

TMD helps you to make the process easy and responsibly.