Message from Town Management

by / Monday, 15 April 2019 /
Post Image Greetings!

On Wednesday, April 17, 2019, eligible Indonesians will be casting their votes for the President and Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia and members of the Parliament and Legislature. This will be an important day for democracy and your vote and your voice matters. Do your civic duty. Get out and Vote.

The feature on
Your Voice Matters lists down the voting location where you can cast your ballot. Come early to avoid long queues.

Reduce Your Speed NOW reminds residents on the maximum speed limit in Lippo Village, 50 kph on main roads and 10 kph inside the residential areas. You may have seen drivers travelling faster on our roads than they are supposed to even ignoring traffic signs and we have got to put a stop to this dangerous driving! This shows a disregard for others and a self-centred mind. Most accidents in Lippo Village are caused by single car accidents and in just the first quarter of 2019, the rate is becoming more alarming. Drive with Care. You may just save a life!

Watch out for the Easter activities in Lippo Village. Eggs Eggstravaganza is back! Kids with their parents and grandparents will enjoy a host of activities prepared by Aryaduta Country Club and Town Management. Don’t miss out on the fun!

As the rains continues we hope that we will soon see our gardens flourish and blossoming. It is often said ‘April showers bring May flowers’! Let’s hope that the gardens in Lippo Village will be in full bloom adding great beauty to our city. Meanwhile, our team has started repairing certain road sections that have been damaged and whilst the rain may pose a challenge, the team commits to complete the work as fast as they can!

Happy Reading! We would also like to wish our residents who are celebrating, a Happy Easter and may this holy season bring peace and love to your homes.