Keep Green Lots Clean

by / Friday, 15 March 2019 /
Post Image Have you ever wanted to plant fruit trees or vegetable crops in your garden? It is perfectly fine if you plant within your own boundaries.

However, planting and using the verges or vacant lot near your home is not desirable because these are common areas maintained by TMD for the benefit of all residents or a property that belongs to another owner. TMD will remove plants such as banana or papaya trees found on the common verges as it is not in accordance to the landscape design of the residential cluster. You may find that the green areas may have been paved or perhaps being used as a carport. This is not permitted and TMD will restore this area to its original condition – green and clean! Remember these areas are designed for public use and needs and infrastructure network have been laid in these area and should be disturbed or have damaged caused to it.

Help us keep your green surroundings in order. If you see the green areas or neighboring vacant lots around you looking unkempt or the grass has already grown too high, please contact TMD Call Center at (021) 55 777 557. The Environment Services Team will come to clean up and cut the grass. TMD keeps a regular cleaning and cutting grass schedule, as well as trimming of the trees on green areas and vacant lots but at times, the grass can grow quickly with steady rainfall and we find that additional grass cutting is required. Your information can be vital for our team to service the area faster.

We also seek your participation to pay attention to the plantings within their house and yards. While maintaining the area clean, make sure to check your plants too, especially for Bromelia plants. While this tropical plant adds beauty to our gardens, this type of plant holds water and attract mosquitoes to nest in it. If you have a pond, keep it clean and do not allow the water to be stagnant. Let’s minimize the spread of disease by mosquitos. TMD always provides monthly pest control measures in your neighborhood but doing your part, actively, goes a long way to a pest-free and healthy environment.

Let’s keep our homes clean and healthy!