Protecting Your Home

by / Friday, 15 March 2019 /
Post Image Earlier this month of March, TMD Protective Service Officers successfully prevented a theft from happening in one of the houses and caught the perpetrator. Working together with a resident who reported a suspicious person wanting to enter the house, our security officers were immediately at the scene and acted quickly. It was also fortunate that the household staff were trained well not to take anything for granted and were apprehensive to allow the stranger from coming into the premises and called for help.

Please watch out for persons pretending to check your house or misrepresenting themselves as TMD officers or employees of PLN, Telkom, Kecamatan, First Media or any other company, asking you or your household staff to open your home for inspection.

TMD will, at all times, inform residents before conducting any activities including routine scheduled work by TMD and if there are other parties from utility companies, for example, who may be doing site maintenance work. When such activities are happening, TMD will provide officers who will assist these third parties. Remember to check the company identification and assignment letter if there are outsiders who may come to your home and claim to be from the third party company. If you are uncertain, contact TMD immediately at Emergency Call Number 0800 1900 911. Brief and train your household staff, when in doubt, not to open the gate or doors nor give any of your belongings to anyone, unless there is direct instruction from the resident and the person is properly identified.

Our security officers are on standby 24/7 but your active participation to keep your home and belongings safe at all times is required.

Please report to the Police if a crime happens. This is important. The police cannot investigate or pursue the case to the court, if the act of crime is not reported to them by the party involved. This can embolden the perpetrator to repeat his criminal activities in other locations. TMD Protective Services Department is ready to assist you throughout the police reporting process.

Protective Services Officers are on guard and on patrol 24/7 to keep you and your home safe.