Take Care of Your Unoccupied Property

by / Friday, 15 March 2019 /
Post Image Perhaps you have decided to move to one of your other houses in or outside of Lippo Village. You may also have a lot which you decided not to build on or waiting to build when the right circumstances come along. Whatever the reason, it is every owner’s responsibility to keep the empty house or unbuilt lot in good condition and not leave it looking derelict and abandoned to the point of falling apart.

Abandoned properties are not only eyesores but impacts negatively on the entire neighbourhood. Imagine if you had an empty, unkempt house next door to you! 

Here are just some bad effects:
• The lack of lighting at night can create a feeling of insecurity for neighbours.
• It looks messy and will disturb the harmony of the surrounding environment.
• Your empty home may attract unwanted occupants such as snakes, rats, mosquitoes especially since the trees and grasses are not maintained.
• Reduce the property values.

TMD urges every owner of unoccupied houses to take these actions:
• Clean the house regularly, both inside and outside.
• Cut the grasses and trim the trees around the lot.
• Close all the windows and doors of the house to prevent uninvited guests, either human or animal, to get in.
• Cover all areas that are visible from the outside with fences, so it will not look messy. Do not leave any openings that can be used as access into the house.

Be the first to inform TMD if you have an empty home or unbuilt lot. Let us know what you plan to do with your property and we can help you find solutions to suit your needs, be it to maintain the yard, list your home for rent or sale on our TMD website at reasonable rates or soon we can list it in our mobile apps. All we want is for your own benefit – keep the value of your property secured.

From April 1, 2019, we will be recording all empty homes and unbuilt lot which are in the continuous state of neglect and TMD will send its crews to maintain the yard and cleaning costs will be charged to the owners in their monthly IPKL billing statement.

Let’s work together towards a Clean and Green Lippo Village!