Living in Harmony

by / Friday, 15 March 2019 /
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Maybe it is time to renovate your house. Or you have a vacant lot where you plan to build your new residence. Before the building or renovation permit is issued by TMD Lippo Village – Building Control Team(BCD), complete the application and permit process and secure a copy of the BCD Rules and Regulations. This is to promote harmony and order during the construction process. Another important aspect of ensuring that inconvenience to your neighbour’s is minimized is informing and securing your neighbour’s consent. This is a simple act of courtesy to let them know you are about to build assuring them that you will ensure cleanliness is maintained in the area and regulations established by TMD Lippo Village- BCD concerning worker’s conduct shall be respected and complied with.

For ease of application, simply get an e-form and while it not necessary to obtain your neighbour’s signature, informing your neighbour especially those with whom you share the wall boundaries (side and rear) is crucial to reduce any complaints from them regarding noise or dust that sometimes cannot be avoided during building.

Your vacant lot is already pegged. However, you would like to have your lot re-measured for the exact size and location, TMD can assist and plot your lot with the following fees : 

A major concern by neighbours and TMD during construction of new house or renovation, are the construction debris and materials left over from building which are piled and scattered in the construction area. Do not dispose debris or materials on the road or empty lots around Lippo Village. Debris and construction materials including garbage must be removed from the site on a daily basis by your contractor to keep the residential area clean and tidy at all times. In case you need help for waste removal, you may contact our Call Center TMD at (021) 55 777 557 to arrange for pick-up of construction debris at a reasonable fee.

Live in harmony and have an orderly, clean and safe environment.