Go Green Go Paperless

by / Thursday, 14 March 2019 /
Post Image Iuran Pengelolaan dan Keamanan Lingkungan, often called IPKL, represents the residents’ contribution and participation in maintaining safety, cleanliness and improvement of Lippo Village. Without the support from all residents, it will be challenging for TMD to continue its services for the upkeep of the town.

The Billing Statement are sent to the owner’s correspondence address and email every month. Residents can also access the billing information through the TMD website : www.lippovillage.com . To make it even easier, TMD sends the residents’ billing info by SMS as well. Starting billing of March 2019, TMD will replace the previous SMS services by using What’s Apps services instead. Hence, please make sure your mobile number can also receive What’s Apps text. Please register your WA number with TMD via email: TMD@lippokarawaci.co.id or Call Center (021) 55 777 557 or you may come to TMD Customer Service.

TMD started the year with its ‘Go Paperless’ initiative. This is one of the many steps forward to TMD’s realizing its commitment towards environmental sustainability.

Commencing April 2019, TMD will not be providing printing services for the Billing Statement (or referred to as the Report Details Statement/RDS) at TMD Customer Service. If owners or residents need the RDS to be printed, there will be a charge of IDR 10,000 (ten thousand rupiah) per piece.

Paper is one of the world’s most widely used consumer materials, despite the rise of electronic communication methods. To produce a single tone of paper consumes approximately 20 full grown trees. A few small action can quickly become a habit for a more sustainable, planet-friendly lifestyle.

Go Paperless and support TMD’s initiatives towards environmental sustainability. Be part of the Go Green movement!