Conserve Electricity. Save on Bills.

by / Friday, 08 February 2019 /
Post Image Time to think again on how to conserve electricity. Not only because the cost of electricity is very expensive, but it will also support the Government’s program for a stable power supply and distribute the needed electricity for remote areas. 
Here are some pointers on how to conserve power:
  • First, before making that purchase of an electronic home equipment you think you need, choose carefully for an equipment that can save electricity. Pick the one with capacity that is appropriate with your requirements such as washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioner, vacuum cleaner, microwave, and many more. Remember, that the bigger its capacity, it will use bigger power.
  • Actually it is very easy to save electricity, just turn off all electronic equipment when you don’t use it. It is also useful if you use your electronic home equipment alternately. Not only this solution can save power usage, but also can also keep your equipment long-lasting.
  • When you use AC, set the temperature adequately. Don’t set it too cool. Place the AC as far away from direct sunshine to prevent a decrease in the cooling effect. Set up the ventilation to prevent hot air coming into the room. Also important is to clean and make regular check on your AC. This will keep your AC from damage and working efficiently.
  • Another measure to conserve energy is avoid opening your refrigerator’s door too often. Don’t set the temperature too low because the lower the temperature, the higher you consume electricity. Don’t fill up your refrigerator too much. Don’t place hot food or drink inside it. Place the refrigerator as far away from heat source like sun and stove. Place it at least 15 cm from the wall. Don’t forget to clean it up regularly.
For other electric home appliances, there are three main instructions to save electricity : first, always limit the frequency of usage, second, do a regular maintenance of your appliances and electrical equipment and third, be very careful in using electronics.