Small Bite, Big Threat

by / Friday, 08 February 2019 /
Post Image Dengue Fever now has become an epidemic again. Stay alert!

The rainy season often causes puddles in various places, which of course impact on the increasing number of places where mosquitoes can nest and breed.

The Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) noted that from January 1 to January 29 2019 there were 13,683 people with dengue fever throughout Indonesia and 132 died. This is higher than in the same month of 2018 with only 6,167 sufferers and 43 have died. (

Therefore TMD appeals to residents to pay more attention to the places that could become mosquito breeding areas. These breeding areas are not limited to water in the shower or other water storage areas. Closing the lids tightly of water containers or maintaining fish in water reservoirs, as well as getting rid of unused items that may become water containers can help reduce the risks of the Aedes mosquito. Consider also your yard, some varieties of Bromelia plants and banana trees that store water, either from rain or watering. Keep a check on this or remove it to ensure that there is no stagnant water.

Do continuous mosquito nest eradication. If we are negligent, it is possible that the larvae can turn into adult mosquitoes that can infect humans. Maintain a clean and healthy environment using good practices in your own home.

TMD will continue to conduct the routine pest control program. Please inform TMD if any of your family members are affected by dengue that may have been contracted in or near your home so we can perform additional pest control around the neighbourhood. If dengue is contracted from areas outside of Lippo Village, please also inform us so we can stay more alert of these areas. Contact TMD Call Center at (021) 55 777 557 if you need assistance for additional pest control outside the TMD routine pest control program.

Let’s work together for a more healthy Lippo Village. Your active participation will keep our town dengue-free!