Re-Making Your Shophouse

by / Friday, 08 February 2019 /
Post Image Have you ever experienced discomfort when you simply walk from one shop to another or when walking in front of a shophouse and stumble on something? Walking along a crowded pathway can turn to be difficult because a lot of stuff are blocking the way, or you can even get wet when it rains as you dodge large items in the corridor/pathway? You often feel uncomfortable due to the condition of the front shophouse that you want to visit may be smelly or looks dirty? Or when you want to park, then you see there are barriers with posts that says, “Reserved Parking”?

In actual fact, the hallway is a public area that serves as the pedestrian walkway for visitors. This area allows visitors to move and walk easily from one to the other shophouse. However, we often see a shophouse tenant or owner fills the space with merchandise, food carts, water bottles, machines, display cases, and so on, blocking the hallway and quite annoying to pass through.

Did you know that the parking area also belongs to the public, in addition to those areas in front of the shophouse? They are not exclusively owned by the tenant of the shophouse. Often we find the parking area is used to place goods, chairs, signage and even to hang clothes that prevents other vehicles from parking. It’s illegal to let someone sell in the hallway or parking area and ask them to pay to the owner of the shophouse. These creates disorderly environment and disharmony among neighbors .

Public facilities are for the common interest, not for the benefit of certain individuals or groups.

To our shophouse owners, please make sure that you only use your own shop capacity and restore the hallway as well as the parking areas to their appropriate purposes. It is very important to keep the comfort of a clean and orderly environment; and for sure it’s good for your business in the long run.

A well-kept and comfortable place will attract will attract more customers to come to your shophouse and it means more opportunity to increase your business. Your property value will surely be improved too.

Transform your shophouse and get more business!