A Safer and Happy Life

by / Tuesday, 01 January 2019 /
Post Image Everyone wishes for a safer and happy life! At TMD, we take safety of our residents seriously. We start another year round program that focuses on Life Safety measures.

The Life Safety Program started by TMD last March 2018 with the socialization on How to Use APAR in several residential clusters will continue as TMD finds it important and critical in keeping our homes safe.

How we keep our homes safe when a small fire happens and stop it from getting out of control? Make sure that you have a fire extinguisher (APAR) at a visible place that every member of the household can find, know how to use it and take the initial steps to extinguish the fire while waiting for the firefighters to put out any remaining fire and ensuring the house is safe. Did you know that the main safety factor during a fire hazard in a resident’s home is the resident themselves? Call for help and while waiting for help to arrive, be ready to extinguish the fire using the extinguisher in your home. Check fire extinguishers periodically to make sure that they are not expired and can be used in time when you need it most. Residents can minimize the risks to their family and their neighbours by actively knowing what to do in the event of a fire incident or emergency.

If you need assistance to obtain your own fire extinguisher (APAR), in case you have not yet equipped your home with this important tool to keep you safe, please come to TMD Customer Service for assistance or contact our Call Center at (021) 557 77 557 and ask how you can obtain the fire extinguisher in accordance with applicable fire safety standards.

Protect yourself, your families, your home and your neighbours! Participate in TMD’s continuing Life Safety Programs. Watch out for announcements.