Walk for Life, The LV Way!

by / Tuesday, 01 January 2019 /
Post Image Let’s show you the way to walk through Lippo Village and start the year right by walking more steps one day at a time!

Once you enter Lippo Village Central and all through the Boulevard Palem Raya (BPR), you see the pedestrian paths on the left side of the road that are now connected until the end of the road. Project completion, we are pleased to note, was on schedule at the end of December 2018. You can now enjoy walking on both sides of the road on the paved pedestrian path lined with shady trees to make it more pleasant, more walkable taking you on the fitness path by Walking for Life in LV! No need to worry about slips after a downpour as the pavement is sturdy and all you do is take it easy, and relax when walking.

We recommend that on occasions, you may want to leave your personal vehicles at home and try to walk or exercise while keeping safe on the pedestrian paths. Breathe in the fresh air, enjoy the greeneries and shade offered by mature tropical trees that line the path, refresh your mind and let nature inspire you while maintaining good health at the comfort of your beautiful surroundings.

Walk towards the Central Wet Market and check out the fresh produce daily. It is at the end of the BPR road and easy to find. The Wet Market offers vegetables, fresh fruits, fish, meat, traditional cakes and lots more. Please stop by from 6 to 10 in the morning.

Enjoy your walk or jog and discover the way to a good life and new experiences at Lippo Village!

Wet Market Lippo Village Central